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What’s the best colour for sheets?

What’s the best colour for sheets?

The best sheet colour is a hotly debated topic. Sheet colours can have a huge impact on the look on your bedroom. They also make a difference to how you do your laundry.

Are white sheets the best?

Many people default to white when they can’t decide on a colour for their sheets. Hotels all around the world go this way, because they have commercial laundry services to keep white sheets looking perfect.
If your laundry skills are more relaxed than obsessive, choosing white sheets isn’t always the best idea. After a year or two, they’ll probably have marks and discoloured patches that don’t want to come out in the wash. Bleach might help, but it weakens fabric fibres and shortens the life of the sheets. If doing laundry isn’t your strong point, colourful sheets might be the way to go.

What is the best colour for bed sheets?

The most popular sheet colours, apart from white, are neutrals that can be combined easily with stronger colours. For example, a soft grey or silver sheet set won’t compete with the stronger colours of your duvet cover or quilt. As a start-up, the team at Great Sleep had limited finances, which means we had to make our initial purchase decisions very carefully. We did a lot of research and selected our standard colour range based on our findings. In the USA, the most popular colours for bed sheets are white, ivory, light brown or beige. But for New Zealand we determined that the best colours are white, silver, mint and pink. We know that guys prefer darker coloured sheets, but we also know that women make most of the bed linen decisions. There are two business partners behind Great Sleep. One of us had never had coloured sheets; the other has hardly ever used white. This surprised both of us. Personal preference or habit is a huge factor in the buying decision.

How to choose bed sheet colour

When you’re choosing a sheet colour, consider the psychological effect of different colours:
  • White is peaceful, clean and innocent. But it can also appear cold, bland and sterile, depending on how it’s presented.
  • Green is nature’s colour. A mint green is calming and soothing. It’s believed to make you feel more optimistic.
  • Silver or light grey is also calming and soothing. It blends well with both warm and cool colours.
  • Pink is a positive colour that generates warm, comforting feelings. It helps to alleviate feelings of anger.

Silver and grey sheets often suit a modern space, whereas creams and greens can look spectacular in a more rustic home. Some people change their sheet colour to match the seasons. The colour of the bed frame also contributes to colour choice - a dark frame with light coloured sheets makes a statement, just as a light or metal frame with bright sheets can look great with bright-coloured sheets.

Bed linen colour is a personal thing

For some people, sheet colour is about psychology. They choose a colour that helps them to feel relaxed and comfortable. For others, sheet colour is purely about home décor. Or it could be about lifetime habits. As one customer’s young daughter puts it: “I like pink”.

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