Sheet Care

Will you regret buying cheap sheets?

Will you regret buying cheap sheets?

When you’re tossing up whether to buy low-cost bed sheets from a bargain retailer or spend a bit more to get quality Lyocell cotton sheets from Great Sleep, you need to think hard about cost-per-sleep.

Cost-per-sleep refers to the price of your sheets divided by the number of nights they’ll serve you. The longer your sheets last, the lower your cost-per-sleep.

The same equation applies to clothes. You can spend $40 on a garment that will fall apart after one year, or $80 on a garment that will last for three years. On a cost-per-wear basis, the more expensive garment is definitely better value.

Price is important, but so is touchability

Aside from cost, another important aspect of choosing bed sheets is how they feel. You’re going to be sleeping between these things, so a luxuriously smooth surface is going to feel a lot nicer against bare skin than the rough surface you get with cheap sheets.

Our Lyocell cotton sheets are soft to touch and way more breathable than pure cotton. They’re made with environmentally-responsible fibre from plantation eucalyptus forests. If you’re a ‘hot sleeper’, you’ll love how Lyocell cotton feels cool and smooth to touch. Lyocell cotton wicks away heat and moisture to keep you comfortable, especially in summer.

Many low-price sheets are made with polyester/cotton fabric. While they’re easy to wash and dry, poly/cotton sheets are way less breathable than Lyocell. They trap moisture and heat while you sleep, so you wake up hot and sweaty. You might also find that they ‘pill’, meaning the surface roughs up with little balls of fibre. These don’t feel good against your skin and they simply scream “cheap!” when you put them on a guest bed.

Cutting corners can compromise a good night’s sleep

Sleeping well is one of the best things you can do for your health. Poor sleep is linked to weight gain, impaired concentration, lower productivity, decreased sports performance, depression and greater risk of stroke, just to mention a few.

Selecting sheets made from a breathable fabric that feels good against your skin is a big step towards a better night’s sleep. Those low-cost sheet sets might save a few bucks, but they won’t make your bed quite as attractive and restful as Lyocell cotton sheets.

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